Tariq khanzada asked 3 weeks ago

does size of mesh matters in TAPP. My thinking is that if you have direct hernia so you tend to put more mesh medially because it is that site where recurrence can occur, off course you have to cover the other orifices as well indirect and femoral …………………….

Tariq khanzada replied 1 week ago


2 Answers
Tariq khanzada answered 3 weeks ago

for direct hernia : mesh should cover more medially along with a covering of other myopectineal orifices

FLAVIO MALCHER answered 2 weeks ago

Absolutely. MINIMAL size should be 15×10.
I tend to use more 17×12 cm meshes.
And all defects should have a minimal overlap of 3 cm

Tariq khanzada replied 1 week ago