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Agnė Šikarskė asked 6 months ago

Does it make difference between biological and synthetic mesh, when it comes to wound infections? When do we need to take synthetic mesh out, do we need to leave biological mesh and hope for the best? If wound infection occurs, we are gonna to rinse the wound, does it make the biological mesh dissapear faster? I guess the possibility of hernia recurrence increases. If patient got diabetes, the risk of infection increases, so do we need to choose synthetic mesh as a first option?

1 Answers
FLAVIO MALCHER answered 6 months ago

Wound infection is a preditor for recurrence, regardeless of the mesh.
If the syntethic mesh looks integrated and the infection is locally under control, one may try not to remove the mesh.
If the mesh is NOT integrated, usually better to remove.
Infection alter the absorption of biologics. Usually they degrade faster.
Diabetes si not a formal indication for biologics. Some surgeons rather bioabsorbables for high risk groups.