SIDIALI ILYES ABDENOUR asked 6 months ago

1/ Can you explain me , please, the difference between NO BRIDGE REPAIRS ans BRIDGED REPAIRS ?
2/ After hernia repair, how long time we need to resume normaly sporting activity, especially for athletes ?
3/ Does One year transient wound infection require removal of mesh or no ?

Thank U !

1 Answers
FLAVIO MALCHER answered 6 months ago

1. Bridged repairs are the ones where the defect is NOT closed, so the mesh works as a bridge

2. Depends a lot on the hernia repair performed. Personally I aske 1=2 weeks of rest and after resume day by day activities. Whatever does not ilicit pain is ok. Real hard abdominal core exercises, usually 1-2 months after

3. Possibly yes. It is most likely a chronic fistula with sinus tract.

SIDIALI ILYES ABDENOUR replied 6 months ago

thank you verry much !