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Do you all use a Maloney Bougie 60Fr?
Fernando Lisboa
I would like to know if the hole is too big and to do the suture only posterior you can twist the oesophagus and in this case I prefer to complete the suture not anterior but at side! What about it? for all
Aridio Ornellas
anybody perform a hill fixation
For a NIssen...
Marconi Meira
use of endoscopy during the operation ?
Usman Mohammed Bello
here manometry is not readily available is it wise to do toupet fundoplication as anti reflux to avoid undiagnosed oesophageal mortility disorder
Any situations where you will not perform a wrap? just gastropexy in patients with large paras?
Usman Mohammed Bello
In all our patients
Marconi Meira
bariatric surgeons are doing sometimes after bypass surgeries, antireflux procedures using the exclued stomach. what do you think obout this ?.?
Michael Roller
How about TIF?
Marconi Meira
what is the prefered antireflux, partial or total wrap?
Esteban Varela MD
Write that phasix exp up
Marconi Meira
congratulations!!! nice meeting
Aridio Ornellas
thank you!
Tahir Yunus
great talk thanks!
Jose Antonio Diaz Elizondo
thanks to all Professors and Flavio
Leonardo Fernandes
Gino Vzq
Nathan Gomes
jaqueline santos sampaio sampaio

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