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15–17 September, 2020

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We are delighted to announce that we will host the very first Virtual International Hernia Symposium from 15 - 17 September, 2020.

The symposium will be broadcasted on the BD Educational platform:

The event is divided into three main cornerstones. The first day we will kick off with Abdominal Wall Reconstruction. The second day will have great presentations and discussions on Hiatal Hernia Repair and on day three we will be expanding on the topic of Hernia Prevention.

We are thrilled to have you partake in our first-ever Virtual International Hernia Symposium. Please see the agenda below and let us know if you have any questions.

We look forward to welcoming you into the Virtual IHS.

EMEA Marketing Team

V-IHS20 Logo
AWR Tuesday, September 15, 2020
CET 17:00 20:00
Tim Tollens & Konstantinos Konstantinidis
Time Description Speaker
17:00 17:10 Welcome Tim Tollens
17:10 17:35 Overview of primary ventral hernia surgical techniques Salvador Morales-Conde
17:35 17:55 Evidence on intraperitoneal mesh placement Micaela Piccoli
17:55 18:20 Overview of complex ventral hernia surgical techniques Ferdinand Köckerling
18:20 18:45 A day in an interdisciplinary AWR center Mike Scott
18:45 19:05 State of the art of AWR in America John Fischer
19:05 19:25 Robotic hernia repair - where are we in Europe? Filip Muysoms
19:25 20:00 Case discussion All
HIATAL Wednesday, September 16, 2020
CET 17:00 19:15
Luigi Bonavina & Tim Tollens
Time Description Speaker
17:00 17:10 Welcome Luigi Bonavina
17:10 17:30 Evolution of hiatal hernia repair Emanuele Asti
17:30 17:50 What type of antireflux repair in hiatal hernia Sebastian F. Schoppmann
17:50 18:05 Overview of hiatal hernia repair in Europe Christian Gutschow
18:05 18:25 State of the art of hiatal hernia repair in the US Carlos Galvani
18:25 18:45 Interdisciplinary approach in hiatal hernia repair Willem Hueting
18:45 19:15 Case discussion All
PREVENTION Thursday, September 17, 2020
CET 17:00 19:20
Hans Jeekel & Tim Tollens
Time Description Speaker
17:00 17:10 Welcome Hans Jeekel
17:10 17:30 The science behind Mesh Stephen Badylak
17:30 17:50 Hernia prevention by mesh augmentation An P. Jairam
17:50 18:10 Hernia prevention after liver transplantation Manuel Lopez Cano
18:10 18:30 Parastomal hernia prevention Ruggero Lionetti
18:30 18:50 Update on latest evidence in prevention Rene Fortelny
18:50 19:20 Q&A All
V-IHS20 Logo
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