Be Highlighted Live with your Case and Our Faculty

Every quarter, 3 societies will be selected to participate in our Case Discussion Program. The three societies will be chosen for Q2 (April-June 2020) by Friday, April 3rd.

Each society will host their own local Case Discussion Program, collect videos from surgeons in their country and select the top video to submit to Hernia U. All of this will be based off of the same criteria:

  1. Video must be less than 10 minutes
  2. Cannot use barbed sutures
  3. Must use BD products
  4. Must provide documentation on the case to include Case Title and Case Description.
  5. Optionally, the submission can include CT scans or pictures

The videos will be rated based off:

  • Quality of the documentation
  • Quality of the video
  • Teaching goals
  • Innovate solution when solving the case
  • Final message

Each society will hold their competition by end of February and submit their winning video by May 27th.  Each winning video from each society will go into our Video Library as their award.

June 17th our Hernia U faculty will select the top video from the 3 videos submitted from the societies, present it on and the winner will be featured on the IHC Facebook page as a standout case.

Global Faculty

Dr. Flavio Malcher

  • Director Abdominal Wall Program- Montefiore Medical Center
  • Assistant Professor of Surgery- Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Bronx, NY
  • Paid Consultant for CR Bard Inc.

Dr. Salvador Morales-Conde

  • Head of General, Digestive and Laparoscopic Surgery Unit– Quiron- Sagradoa Corazon Hospital-Seville, Spain
  • Paid Consultant for CR Bard Inc.

Dr. Eduardo Parra-Davila

  • Director of Minimally Invasive and Colorectal Surgery
  • Director of Hernia and Abdominal Wall Reconstruction
  • Director of Hernia and Abdominal Wall Reconstruction Good Samaritan Medical Center
  • TENET Florida Physician Services
  • Paid Consultant for CR Bard Inc.

“Wherever the art of medicine is loved, there is also a love of humanity.”


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